Case Study: How Sparks' Dura-Lock Modular Plastic Belting Helped Save a Citrus Company Time & Money

A citrus processing group in San Bernardino, California was having difficulty resolving a major design issue related to a rough dump station of citrus at their offloading dock which was under construction.

The company processes lemons, limes, and oranges to produce consumer-packaged beverages for retail and food service use.

The Challenge

The challenge Sparks was given? Install a belt that could withstand a 70,000-pound rough dump of citrus.

The Solution

After acquiring as much data as possible from the customer and their equipment designer in Mexico, the Sparks team presented the features and benefits of the Sparks Dura-Lock modular plastic belt versus similar belts on the market that they could consider for this rigorous application. Hands down the Sparks Dura-Lock belt was the strongest in the marketplace. 

Samples were immediately delivered to the customer, along with sprockets that they could utilize with their current design to keep them up and running until their new belt came. 

The Outcome

The customer is now saving money on maintenance costs and has dramatically reduced downtime. They walked away happy due to Sparks' custom solution to their issue through excellent customer service and quick delivery of their new conveyor belt.

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