Dura●Drive SPM

Dura-Drive SPM synchronous motorized pulleys from Sparks Belting Company have high-efficiency synchronous motors as replacements for lower-efficiency AC induction motors in conveying applications.

Synchronous Permanent Magnet Motorized Pulleys

Dura-Drive SPM pulleys from Sparks Belting Company have high-efficiency synchronous motors as replacements for lower-efficiency AC induction motors in conveying applications. Sparks synchronous motorized pulleys are ideal for applications in logistics, general automation, and machine building, and are especially suited for servo-type applications. The motors exceed IE4 efficiency limits and are designed to meet IE5 requirements. Dura-Drive SPM pulleys run OIL-FREE with no possibility of oil leaks. This solves one of the main problems of motorized pulleys, especially in food applications.

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Efficiency Drives Motor Development

The permanent magnet design is the key to the high efficiency and high power density of the Sparks Dura-Drive SPM motorized pulleys. The optimal volume of NdFeB magnetic material is placed on the rotor maximizing the utilization of the magnetic materials in the motor, resulting in the highest possible torque density.

Frequency Inverter Operation

Frequency inverters (VFDs) are electronic voltage sources that can provide an alternating voltage at variable frequency and amplitude. They are generally used in so-called v / f mode (voltage/frequency mode) to control the speed of an induction motor by providing the motor with the required frequency and voltage for a given speed. An induction motor can thus be run in speed control but it is still an induction motor with load-dependent speed variation or “slip”.

Dura-Drive SPM is Sensor-less

The frequency inverter uses measurements of phase current and voltage to calculate the instantaneous position of the rotor and to set the current vector correctly to maximize torque. This can all be done without any feedback device making the motor and the whole system much cheaper. There are now a wide range of frequency inverters in the market that have this capability. In this mode, the motor can deliver about 150% of rated torque at start-up and can be controlled over a speed range of about 10:1 to 15:1.

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Dura●Drive SPM

Dura-Drive SPM pulleys from Sparks Belting Company have high efficiency synchronous motors as replacements for lower efficiency AC induction motors in conveying applications.

Benefits of the Dura●Drive SPM Motorized Pulley:

  • OIL FREE: provides high power with no need for oil cooling, eliminating any chance of oil leakage
  • Practically no conveyor downtime or maintenance means lower costs and higher productivity
  • Compact, safe, and clean: hazards and pinch points are removed by having all moving parts enclosed in the pulley shell, and there is no external grease or oil from chains, bearings, and couplings
  • Simple design: Dura-Drive SPM is a one-piece pulley so it can be easily specified into new conveyor systems, which dramatically reduces design time. For existing systems, pulleys can be supplied with optional mounting brackets.
  • Synchronous motor technology: the permanent magnet motors used in Dura-Drive SPM pulleys are characterized by high power density and very low losses. The motors can be supplied with feedback for use with servo drives, or run sensor-less with a suitable frequency inverter
  • Cool running: very low losses mean significantly reduced heat when compared to a motorized pulley powered by a standard AC induction motor
  • Torque: remains constant over a very wide speed range
  • Standardization: due to the constant torque, one Dura-Drive SPM can cover a much wider range of applications
  • High acceleration: for infeed applications, for example, a collating conveyor, the Dura-Drive SPM can provide high acceleration even with large loads
  • Energy efficiency: the permanent magnet motor is up to 6 times more efficient than an AC induction motor, which reduces operating costs
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