Sparlon Transmission Belts for the Corrugated Industry

There are two common constructions for transmission belting and Sparks offers a full line of each product measuring between 3-6mm in thickness. Understanding the features and benefits of each offering will increase your value to maintenance teams working with high-speed folder gluers.

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The All New Dura-Drive SPM 5.38” Synchronous Permanent Magnet Pulley

Sparks Belting recently launched the synchronous permanent magnet pulley in a larger size, the Dura-Drive SPM is now available in a 5.38” diameter. It is a compact and robust All-in-One drive component that can be used with all types of belt conveyor systems, including plastic modular belt systems. The Dura-Drive SPM is highly energy efficient, exceeding IE4 efficiency limits, and is designed to meet IE5 requirements. The Dura-Drive SPM delivers high torque and belt pull that remains constant over a wide range of operating speeds.

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