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How Sparks Belting's Commitment to Customers Provided Endless Value to Tire Manufacturer

An international automobile tire manufacturer in the southern USA came to Sparks Belting to provide their conveyor belting for a new plant they were opening. Committed to quality and innovative technology, this tire manufacturer is one of the largest in the world.

The Challenge

All the equipment in the new facility was brought in from overseas. Initially, any replacement belts were being imported from the original suppliers. Tire manufacturing employs a very large amount of conveyor belting and importing the belts was making it difficult to quickly replace worn-out ones. There were no spares for most of their belts and they were looking for a local source to provide all conveyor belting and installation/maintenance services.

The Solution

Sparks Belting received a call from a contact working directly with the international tire manufacturer to discuss belting requirements. We came in to introduce our product line and value-added services. A belt survey was completed for the entire plant and we started to monitor their spare belt inventory. Our team also provided many equipment training and demonstrations. Most importantly, the Sparks team has provided emergency same-day services to the tire plant including belt installations, re-lacing belts, and identifying and delivering emergency belt requirements.

An inventory of the most common belting needed at the tire plant is now being stocked in our Charlotte facility. The tire manufacturer has also requested the use of our vulcanizing services rather than purchasing their own press to install belts.

The Results/Outcome

The tire manufacturer has been very happy with Sparks Belting’s products and services and we have become the single source for all of their belting needs. Our value-added services such as installation, training, and emergency repair have provided great value to this new Sparks customer. Future plans for the tire manufacturer include two more plants on the same site and they have approached Sparks about providing the same services in these facilities.  

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