S.25 – 25 mm pitch (0.98")

25 mm Pitch Belts

The S.25 is a range of 25 mm pitch belts designed to solve all aspects of light to medium transport. The series consists of 17 belt types with distinct characteristics when it comes to open area and surface structure. Closed and open belts with a smooth or structured surface. Raised ribs and rubber surface. Belts with very good cleanability for the meat and poultry industry.

25 mm Pitch Belts designed to solve all aspects of light to medium transport.

S.25-100 / 25-600 / 25-700

Very even water flow and airflow for cooling and horizontal freezing through the belt. Rounded ribs for very smooth sideways transfers. Light products (such as snack foods, sweets, etc.) and pasta industry for cooking and drying.

S 25 100


Open drain belt with smooth surface. Small openings.

S 25 600


Drain/filter belt. Very small openings.

S 25 700


Open drain belt with smooth surface. For cooling/freezing.

Easy to clean

S.25-400 / 25-400F / 25-402 / 25-411

The open 25 mm pitch alternative for medium-heavy duty general purposes. The dairy industry, shellfish, and bakery sector. Rubber top surfaces for the handling of packed products on inclines. Efficient sprocket engagement, due to its large contact surface between teeth and belt. Comes with a variety of surfaces, including flat, net-like, curved, and rubber top surfaces.

S 25 400


Open belt with smooth surface for cooling and drainage.

S 25 400 F


Open friction top surface for packed goods on slight inclines

S 25 402


Raised ribs for minimum product contact. Air circulation under product.

S 25 411


Open belt with curved surface for minimum product contact.

S.25-406 / 25-408 / 25-412 / 25-418 / 25-420

The 25 mm pitch closed top alternative for medium-heavy duty purposes needing special surfaces. Narrow draining opening for minimizing product waste (406), mini-flight top (412). Option of molded-in sideguards in various heights (408 and 412). Raised ribs that limit the contact surface between the belt and the product (420). Bottling and canning industry, pasta and shellfish industry (cooking, blanching).

S 25 406


Perforated surface with 1 mm opening for draining of small products.

S 25 408


Flat top closed surface. General light transportation.

S 25 412


Perforated surface with 1 mm openings. 2,5 mm longitudinal flights to 'lift' products.

S 25 418


Closed belt with diamond-shaped rough top surface. Transport of boxes, building materials etc.

S 25 420


Raised rib surface. For small transfers in bottling and canning industry.

Easy to clean

S.25-800 / 25-800F / 25-806 / 25-830 / 25-836

The 25 mm "EASY TO CLEAN" series for a super high degree of cleanability. Even lines on the back side ensure an uninterrupted flow of cleaning fluids. Conical links design maximizes the access for cleaning around the hinge area. Light to medium transport of smaller products in the red meat, poultry, and fishing industry. Large variety of surfaces, including flat, perforated flat top, and different cone top patterns.

S 25 800


Flat top closed surface. For general food applications.

S 25 800 F


Closed belt with a 3mm friction surface.

S 25 806


Perforated flat top surface, food applications requiring light drainage.

S 25 830


Closed surface with cones. For frozen products and placed in slight inclinations.

S 25 836


Perforated nub top surface for light drainage and minimum contact.