S.50 – 50 mm pitch (1.97")

50 mm Pitch Belts

The S.50 series is a range of 50 mm belts designed for medium to heavy transport. The series consists of 19 types of belts with different surface structures and openings as well as a complete range of easy-to-clean belts for high-hygiene applications. Rubber surface and different nub top structures for good product grip. The series contains a vast span of pulling forces from light cooling belts to heavy-duty belts for car and pallet handling.

50 mm Pitch belts designed for medium to heavy transport across a wide range of products.

S.50-100 / 50-300

The open 50 mm alternative for medium-heavy duty general purposes. Fishing industry: all parts of the process from gutting and trimming to scaling and packing. Fruit and vegetable industry, glass industry, and car batteries. Excellent sprocket engagement for added pulling force. Smooth, drained surface for heavy transport.

S 50 100


Open surface for drainage. Medium-heavy duty transport in general.

S 50 300


Light open grid surface for drainage. Lifts product and minimizes contact

Easy to clean


The largest open area of any straight running belt on the market. Extremely even water flow and airflow for cooling/freezing. Designed for IQF Freezers and freezing tunnels. Small single openings in the design. 

S 50 401


Very open surface. Max airflow for cooling/freezing area.

S.50-602 / 50-600F / 50-600 / 50-606 / 50-608 / 50-610 / 50-630

A large variety of surfaces and openings, including friction top and mini ribs, both across and along the running direction. Excellent sprocket engagement for added pulling force. Dairy production, snack foods, sweets, grain, fishing, fruit, and vegetable industry. 

S 50 602


Flat top with 3 mm ribs. For handling sweets, vegetables and other small products.

S 50 600 F


Closed friction top surface. Transport on slightly inclined conveyors.

S 50 600


Perforated flat top for light drainage.

S 50 606 Large


Perforated flat top surface for handling dairy products, vegatables, snack foods etc.

S 50 608 Large


Flat top closed surface. General transportation.

S 50 610 Large


1 mm staggered flights pattern top. Minimal contact.

S 50 630 Large


3 mm staggered flights pattern top. Minimal contact.

Easy to clean

S.50-801 / 50-804 / 50-806 / 50-808 / 50-830 / 50-838

50 mm "EASY TO CLEAN" series for a super high degree of cleanability. Even lines on the back side ensure an uninterrupted flow of cleaning fluids. The conical link design maximizes the access for cleaning around the hinge area. Red meat, poultry, and fishing industry: trimming, cutting, and boning lines. Variety of surfaces: flat, perforated flat top, and different nub top patterns.

S 50 801 Large


Open surface for drainage. for fish industry and other applications requiring drainage.

S 50 804 Large


Open surface for drainage. for fish industry and other applications requiring drainage.

S 50 806 Large


Perforated flat top surface. Food applications requiring drainage.

S 50 808 Large


Flat top closed surface. Food applications.

S 50 830 Large


Closed nub top surface. Food applications.

S 50 838 Large


Closed nub top surface. Candy applications.

S.50-906 / 50-908 / 50-930 / 50-938

Strongest 50 mm belt in the entire market. Designed for heavy-duty automotive applications, pallet handling, wood, and furniture industry. Special 80 mm molded-to-width skid belt for transporting car bodies. Variety of surfaces and openings: flat, perforated flat top; both with and without non-skid patterns.

S 50 906 Large


Perforated flat topsurface. Heavy Duty transport requiring drainage, i.e. water test lines.

S 50 908 Large


Flat top closed surface. heavy duty transport. Car and people.

S 50 930 Large


Perforated flat top surface with 3 mm staggered pattern. Heavy duty transport requiring drainage.

S 50 938 Large


Flat top closed surface with non-skid pattern. Heavy duty transport. People movers.