Continuous extruded, notched, and segmented v-guides help conveyor belts run in line and prevent destructive slip. Sparks offers custom options for special tracking applications.

Increase performance with better belt tracking.

Short, wide belts and long, narrow belts are prime candidates for v-guides. Guides come in different sizes with the size of the conveyor belt dictating the size of the v-guide. There should be a 1/16" clearance on both sides and the bottom of the v-guide, it should not be snug in the groove. It is important to remember that v-guides only aid in the tracking of a belt and cannot prevent tracking issues due to poor conveyor design. 

Positioning of v-guides is crucial for proper performance. A Sparks representative will work with you to determine the proper size and positioning based on your application needs. 

Urethane V Guide Segmented

The Benefits of V-Guides

V-guides produce better belt tracking reducing edge wear so your belt stays newer longer. Better tracking also reduces conveyor jamming, allowing you to stay up and running and diminishing downtime. Improved product orientation will keep your products from becoming misaligned which is especially important in the packaging industry. 

For increased flexibility, we offer a segmented v-guide option. Segmented v-guides allow for self-cleaning and prevent product build-up. In addition, the loss of individual lug won't compromise the entire guide strip saving you money. 

Green V Guide

Available V-Guide Options

Continuous V-Guides

Continuous v-guides are thermo-welded or glued on the bottom side of the belt and matched up to corresponding grooves in the pulleys and conveyor bed for positive belt tracking. Notched options provide greater flexibility. 

  • PVC, Polyurethane, and Neoprene compounds available
  • Solid and notched options 
Cast Urethane V-Guides

Cast urethane v-guides allow tighter control of both lateral and longitudinal belt tracking as well as greater speed control, and will never delaminate from your belt. Best for applications with a lot of abrasion and debris build-up. Cast urethane is long-lasting, durable, and perfect for demanding applications where standard v-guides tend to wear out quickly. 

  • Notched and segmented options available
Specialty Guides

Sparks can custom cast segmented polyurethane v-guides for special tracking applications where small, minimum pulley diameters are required.

Common Industries for V-Guide Use

Food Packaging & Processing
Corrugated Box
Logistics & Distribution
Building Products
Glass Recycling
Bakeries & Confectionary

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