Belt Fasteners
Belt Fasteners

Reduce Downtime with Better Belt Fasteners

Increased demands for less downtime put maintenance managers in a catch-22. Although maintenance teams are charged with finding new and better products for their plant, sometimes the risks don’t outweigh the potential rewards. Since they have a history of how their existing belts perform, managers can develop a plan to change them without disrupting production.

It’s a fact that the weakest part of every conveyor belt is always the splice. Failures can be attributed to a number of root causes: poor installation, wrong pin material, incorrect lacing on the belt, or the end of a life cycle.

The Good News 
The cause for your failure is generally easy to accurately diagnose.

The Even Better News
It’s also fairly simple to do R&D on your existing belt to determine if there is mechanical lacing that will extend your belt life. A minor tweak such as changing the grade of the metal, type of pin, or profile of the lace can dramatically increase belt life on the same material.

Mechanical belt fasteners are offered in a wide variety and can be carefully selected for your unique application. Additionally, Sparks offers several unique splicing fabrications to further extend the expected product life or minimize its impact on your production.

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