A cost effective alternative to conventional drive systems.

The Dura-Drive Plus motorized pulley from Sparks Belting is a small yet powerful one piece pulley system that’s guaranteed to power your belt conveyor for years without breakdown

What is a motorized pulley?

A motorized pulley is a drum motor in which the body rotates around a stationary shaft. The rotating outer “drum” becomes the traction surface which powers the conveyor belt. Electric power leads pass through the stationary shaft to motor terminals inside the pulley housing. 

The entire internal mechanism, including the motor, gears and bearings, are completely sealed and protected by the outer metal drum. Oil inside the drum continuously lubricates bearings and gears, and removes heat from motor windings.

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Compact, Safer, Cleaner Operation.

Unlike bulky conventional drive systems that fit externally on a conveyor, Dura-Drive Plus motorized pulley is actually part of the conveyor and much more compact. That means you can fit more conveyor into less floor or overhead space. Also, all moving parts are enclosed in the steel pulley shell eliminating hazardous moving parts and pinch points along with the potential for electric shock from water on motors. Dura-Drive Plus is cleaner because there is no external grease or oil from chains, bearings or couplings. As a result, you improve worker safety and more readily comply with OSHA standards.

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Simple Design

Because Dura-Drive Plus is a one-piece pulley, and not 10 or more separate components like a conventional drive, it can be easily specified into new systems and dramatically reduce design time. Changeover takes less than an hour per drive. Dura-Drive Plus pulleys can also be supplied with optional mounting brackets. 

Cost Effective

Priced competitively with conventional systems and more energy efficient. A conventional system normally transfers only 60-75% of its mechanical efficiency (horsepower) to the belt. Dura-Drive Plus transfers 95% of its capacity to the belt – a 20-35% increase. This savings can translate into a reduction of hundreds of dollars in energy costs per drive, per year. When you add in the reduced maintenance costs it’s easy to see how Sparks' motorized pulleys can quickly pay for themselves in a matter of months.

Quiet Operation

Dura-Drive Plus motorized pulley operates at a very quiet 57-64 decibels, compared to 76-80 decibels for a typical conventional drive. Quieter operation can help you meet OSHA noise regulations, eliminate the need for costly ear protective devices for workers, and improve your overall work environment.

Configure a Dura-Drive Plus or Dura-Drive SPM Motorized Pulley and download a 2D or 3D print instantly with our pulley configurator!

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Electric Motor

All Sparks Belting motorized pulleys contain motors tested to UL 1004 – 1:2012 standards with Class F insulation standard (Class H insulation available upon request). The motor is an asynchronous squirrel cage induction type. Class F motors are suitable for most applications with ambient temperatures of +100°F to -10°F. These pulleys have inverter duty motors and can therefore have a stepless speed control in combination with static frequency converters in the range from 30 to 60 HZ.

Protection Class

Protected to IP66, in accordance with VDE 0470, and suitable for applications requiring high pressure wash downs. For special applications, protection class IP67 with stainless steel labyrinths or Teflon boot seals are also available.

Shaft Seal

The end housings of the pulley are fitted internally with double lip oil seals and externally with steel or stainless steel labyrinth seals. This provides excellent protection against ingress of dust, grit, water and moisture and even high-pressure cleaning. The steel shafts are fitted with smooth precision wear sleeves positioned under the double lip oil seals. This prevents wear to the shaft and seals.

End caps

Our motorized pulleys come with press-fit or bolt-on end caps for easier servicing. The housings are manufactured from seawater-resistant aluminum or iron; 304 stainless steel is also available.

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