The All New Dura-Drive SPM 5.38” Synchronous Permanent Magnet Pulley

Sparks Belting recently launched the synchronous permanent magnet pulley in a larger size, the Dura-Drive SPM is now available in a 5.38” diameter. It is a compact and robust All-in-One drive component that can be used with all types of belt conveyor systems, including plastic modular belt systems. The Dura-Drive SPM is highly energy efficient, exceeding IE4 efficiency limits, and is designed to meet IE5 requirements. The Dura-Drive SPM delivers high torque and belt pull that remains constant over a wide range of operating speeds.

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Conveyor Belting

The Impact of Custom Conveyor Belting in the Corrugated Industry

As large rolls of paper produced on paper machines are initially put into production to turn them into corrugated boxes, they start out on the corrugator machine. This critical machine creates flutes in the paper and glues it to liners, one layer at a time. These layers are then stacked, cut, and then ultimately scored before transporting large bundles throughout the facility to various converting machines.

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Conveyor solution

Coping With Continuous Wash Down

A large food manufacturing company has been using a newly installed conveyor belt for pig intestines at its processing facility. The new belt includes key features, specifically the new system is equipped with synchronous drum motors. Regardless of the repetitive daily pressure cleaning with hot water, the conveyor has been running consistently for more than a year without downtime or maintenance.

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